Why We're Here

Pappy Slokum Brewing Co. was formed in 2011 when three partners came together with a common goal. That goal being to create uncompromised, high quality artisan ales and lagers here in West/Central Texas for West/Central Texas, just like the original Pappy did. The Pappy Slokum team brings 37 years of brewing experience to the craft brewing industry. With a combined 50 award winning beers along with 5 Brewmaster of year titles collectively. Pappy Slokum is a brewing force that stands alone. From the ice cold, easy drinking Local Yella, malty and dark McPappy's 80 Shilling to the Tom 23 whose flavors hit you like a shot from a hop howitzer. Pappy promises to deliver the flavor our beer loving followers require!

My Pappy was a Moonshiner that lived on the edge. He appreciated great flavors in his food, his shine and his craft beer. That was my Pappy. Who's Yer Pappy?