Think you don’t like craftbeer?  This is the beer that will change all of that.  Brewed in the Cream Ale Style, Local Yella is that easy drinking, thirst quenching beer your momma warned you about.  Pilsner, Vienna and a touch of corn for sweetness combine with German Hallertau Hops and a clean American Ale Yeast make this beer a must in the Texas heat.  Your non-beer drinking friends will love this one too.

ABV 5.69%  •  IBU 18  •  SRM 3.7




Ever watch Braveheart?  Those guys with the blue faces are kinda scary.  Well no need to fear this Scot!  McPappy is medium bodied, dark ale that remains very drinkable.  Scottish Pale Malt, English Peat Smoked Malt and five other malts combine to make this beer very complex, but approachable.  (Try that with Ol’ Blue Face!)  McPappy’s goes well with hearty foods, great company and a warm fire.

ABV 6.25%  •  IBU 22  •  SRM 20


TOM 23



Have you had one of these today? A phrase often uttered by this beers namesake.  Once you try it you will probably ask yourself that. Copious amounts of American 2-Row, Crystal Malt and a touch of Roasted Barley give this beer the malt backbone it needs.  Why so much malt you ask?  Well, something has to balance out all of those Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial hops!  Citrus, grassy and piney notes from these American grown hops are in your face from the firsts sip to the last. Cheers to you Rodney!

ABV 10.4%  •  IBU 89  •  SRM 16.5


Caddo Peak


Caddo Peak rises into the south Callahan county sky. Kind of ominous in its own way. Caddo Peak Porter shares similarities with its namesake..Dark as night with coffee, caramel and chocolate flavors. These attributes cause it to rise above the competition. Ominous, but very popular. A rare combination. 

ABV 6.7%  •  IBU 35 



Douchebag Jimmy


Yes he's a real person...  You may know him, but I'm sure you know someone like him. This beer is very palatable, unlike the real Jimmy. Spicy, fruity, balanced and very drinkable make this deep amber beer a winner. Ever meet a wonderful Douchebag? Now you have.

ABV 6.6%  •  IBU 26


Über Weiss 


"Es ist sehr gut". Which means "It's very good", in German. This pale, wheat beer is as advertised. It combines a blend of German Pilsner malt and American Wheat malt with German hops and hefeweizen yeast. All this, produces a refreshing light bodied ale with a touch of clove and banana. Who said German Engineering was boring?

ABV 4.9%  •  IBU 13


Stripper dust 

vanilla porter

"Here she comes, alone in the night
She looks in your eyes while she's breaking your heart
And her smile...Mona Lisa style
She lends you her heart and lets you think you're the only one
But she'll leave you....Lonely in the night"

-Eric Johnson

ABV 5.8%  •  IBU 35


Phantom hill 


Located in present-day Jones County, Fort Phantom Hill is one of the most pristine historic sites in Texas. It was one of the second line of forts laid out in the early 1850’s to protect the westward-moving frontier of Texas settlement. The wild west is still alive in this brew. It has been carefully crafted with Summit, Centennial and Magnum hops. As you sip on this beer and the winds blow through the mesquite trees, you can hear the ghosts of the past.

ABV 6.9%  •  IBU 63