Pappy Slokum

Who is Pappy Slokum? Pappy was a Moonshiner in the rural backwoods of Callahan County, in the heart of the Big Country of Texas. Pappy came from a long line of bootleggers. Learning the craft from his Daddy and his Daddy before him. Pappy was very good at what he did. So good in fact, he was targeted by the Revenuers as their Most Wanted. Rumor has it that the law came looking for Pappy one day during a shine cook. Pappy being the worldly and wise fella he was knew they were coming and made it out in time. The Revenuers were so mad that they burned his still to the ground. The fire spread uncontrolled and burned the countryside below Caddo Peak, where Pappy had buried two special barrels of shine. This reserve was never located and still exists today. Mmm Mmm Mmm. What a find that would be. In the following years, Pappy turned his focus on beer and applied the same passion he had for shine to his small artisan batches of beer, passing that tradition on down the line to today’s generation of craftsman.