Jeff Bell

Brewer, Sales, Distribution

Jeff brings 17 + years of brewing experience with him to this project. He is gifted in regards to recipe formulation and his brewing techniques are second to none. Jeff has received numerous awards for his beers over the years. He is very passionate about beer and beer culture. Jeff and Brian are almost solely responsible for bringing the brewing culture to the Big Country. Jeff will also be involved in sales and distribution.

pappy_slokum portrait_bryan1.jpg

Brian Cokonougher

Brewer, Accounts

Brian commands the bookkeeping and general accounting to include accounts receivable, payable and inventory control. Brian will be responsible for the record management and organization. Brian has several years of experience in keeping records and staying organized for business and audit purposes. He will also be assisting in sales and distribution. Brian also brings 17+ years of brewing experience to the business. He too has received numerous awards for his beers. Brian will be instrumental in recipe creation and research and development.

pappy_slokum portrait_richy3.jpg

Richard Waggoner

Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Brewer

Richard is immersed into the marketing culture in the Big Country and is experienced with customer relations and marketing techniques for increased sales. He is driven and has a work ethic that is second to none. Richard is new to the brewing scene, but has already made a big splash by brewing several award winning beers. Richard will assist with brewery operations as well as sales and distribution